Paul Salmons


Paul was our Programme Director for ten years and played a critical role in ensuring that the Centre's pedagogical programmes are uniquely responsive to the findings of rigorous historical and school-based research. Having established an international consultancy company, Paul Salmons Associates he continues to work closely with the Centre, alongside a range of other international projects. These include his work as a curator of the major exhibition 'Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away.' and - for the United Nations and UNESCO - 'Seeing Auschwitz', and as a consultant to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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Paul Salmons

Activities and interests

Paul has authored many of the Centre’s educational resources, as well as the teachers’ resource pack Reflections for the Imperial War Museum, and worked on several educational films, including the IWM’s The Way We Lived and Roots of Antisemitism, and Footprints for the United Nations.

Selected publications:

Salmons, P. and Hass, M. (2014) ‘Comparing Genocide in the Classroom: Challenges and Opportunities’ in Holocaust Education in a Global Context (Edited by Fracapane, K. and Hass, M.), Paris: UNESCO

Salmons, P. and Chapman, A. (2013) ‘Holocaust and other genocides’, Teaching History, Issue 153, London: Historical Association

Salmons, P., Andrews, K. and Chapman, A. (2010) ‘Holocaust’, Teaching History, Issue 141, London: Historical Association

Salmons, P. (2010) ‘Universal Meaning or Historical Understanding? The Holocaust in history and history in the curriculum’, in Teaching History, Issue 141, London: Historical Association

Salmons, P. (2003) ‘Teaching or Preaching? The Holocaust and intercultural education in the UK’, in Intercultural Education, Volume 14, Issue 2

Salmons, P. (2001) ‘Moral Dilemmas: history, teaching and the Holocaust’ in Teaching History, Issue 104, London: Historical Association


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