Darius Jackson

Darius started at the Centre for Holocaust Education in June 2012, after a varied career in education. He began teaching in 1984 and spent the next 19 years teaching in Gloucestershire and Birmingham, initially teaching economics and social sciences before moving to teach history. He also taught citizenship, R.E. and sociology and spent the last eleven of those years as Head of History in two schools in Birmingham.

In 2003 he moved to become Lecturer in History and Citizenship in Education at the University of Birmingham. He ran the PGCE in Secondary History and Citizenship as well as working on PGCE RE, English and Primary Education. He also taught on undergraduate education and citizenship courses. In October 2009 Darius was awarded the school prize for “Excellence in Teaching and Supporting Student Learning” as well as being accepted as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. During this time Darius also wrote teaching materials for the Jubilee Debt Campaign; Tide~Global Learning; Ireland in Schools Project and the College for International Citizenship course on Political Systems.

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Darius Jackson

Activities and interests

Darius co-developed Pursuit of justice: the trial of John Demjanjuk, a day for citizenship teachers with transferable classroom resources and devised a range of other centre materials including  Unlocking antisemitism.

Darius retired in April 2019 but remains a friend to the Centre.

Selected publications:

Jackson, D. “But I still don’t get why the Jews?” Using cause and change to answer pupil’s demand for an overview of antisemitism” Teaching History Issue 153 December 2013

Bracey, P., Gove-Humphties, A., Jackson, D., "Why are you so angry Grace?" Teaching and learning about Grace O'Malley as a significant as a significant woman at K.S.1" Historical Association Primary Website

Bracey, P., Jackson, D., Gove-Humphries, A. “They did things differently then”- diversity and challenge from KS1" Education 3-13  Vol 39 Issue 4 September 2011

Bracey, P., Gove-Humphries, A., Jackson, D. Teaching Diversity in the History Classroom in Debates in History Teaching ed I. Davies (2011)  Routledge

Bracey, P., Gove-Humphries, A., Jackson, D. Teaching Diversity in the History Classroom in Debates in History (2nd edition) ed I. Davies (forthcoming) Routledge

Jackson, D., Bracey, P., Gove-Humphries, A., Valla, J. Exploring significant individuals as heroes to challenge Anglocentric norms in Key Stage 2 history (7 – 11).  Trends: transforming history, transforming society p19-32 School of Education monograph series Ed. J. Valla 2008 University of Malta

Jackson, D., Bullock, A., Manning, R., Frame, J. A Scoping Review of Tutor Support for the NHS Primary Care Dental Team.  (2008) University of Birmingham, Birmingham. (with Alison Bullock, Russell Manning, and John Frame)


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