Chapter 6.2: What was it like to survive the Holocaust?

Develop knowledge and understanding:

To deepen student knowledge and challenge common misunderstandings, in this chapter they will learn:

  • That many survivors continued to face difficulties after the end of the war.
  • That antisemitism did not end with the defeat of the Nazis.
  • That many survivors emigrated to other countries after the war, including Israel and Britain.
  • How Jewish survivors were not always welcomed in other countries after the Holocaust.

Challenge myths and misconceptions:

Correct the common misconceptions that:

  • The suffering of Jews ended on the day of liberation
  • Antisemitism ended when the Nazis were defeated
  • Jewish survivors were welcomed in other countries after the Holocaust

Should you choose to share these with students it is very important to be clear that these are false statements and they need to be taught about with sensitivity and skill.

Support for in chapter activities:

 Support for Activity p.89:

Students can access these websites to undertake further research into the Exodus and what happened to the Jewish survivors on board:

Support for Activities and Think About p.90 – 91:

In the document ‘Resource Sheet 6.2.1’ you will find useful contextual information and links to other resources that relate to the survivors mentioned in this chapter.

DOWNLOAD: Resource sheet 6.2.1

In the document ‘Resource Sheet 6.2.2’ you will find support for a guided discussion around Leon’s poem.

DOWNLOAD: Resource sheet 6.2.2

Additional resources for teachers:

Open access lesson materials: ‘Legacy of the Holocaust: A note from Leon’:

These materials encourage reflection upon the human impact and long term effects of the Holocaust.

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