Making connections in Holocaust education

Making Connections in Holocaust Education: Scholarship, Research and Educational Practice. Professor Yehuda Bauer

A Symposium – 20 January 2010

This event was organised by the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education (formerly HEDP) and sponsored by Pears Foundation.

The symposium – ‘Making Connections in Holocaust Education: Scholarship, Research and Educational Practice’ provided a rare opportunity of hearing the distinguished historian Professor Bauer address an audience in the UK.

The event was held at the Institute of Education’s Logan Hall and was attended by over 400 delegates including Holocaust survivors, historians, teachers, students, academics, museum curators, journalists, teachers in training, and representatives from NGOs specialising in Holocaust education.

Professor Bauer is one of the leading scholars of the Holocaust and author of numerous seminal texts in the field including Rethinking the Holocaust (2001) and The Death of the Shtetl (2009) and has received global recognition for his work in Holocaust and genocide studies. He is currently Honorary Chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and Academic Advisor to Yad Vashem – the leading world centre for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust. In 1988 Bauer was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize and other notable honours including the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit.

The symposium also heard from members of the IOE’s Centre for Holocaust Education, who outlined the implications of findings that emerged from a national research project conducted by the IOE in 2009 with teachers in English schools in relation to teaching about the Holocaust.

You can watch the video recording of the Symposium:

Part 1: Welcome and Introductions Professor Stuart Foster (Executive Director, Centre for Holocaust Education) and Professor Geoff Whitty (Director, Institute of Education). Research and Findings (Kay Andrews and Paul Salmons).

Part 2: Keynote Lecture (Professor Yehuda Bauer)

Part 3: Questions and Answers with Professor Yehuda Bauer (Chaired by Ruth-Anne Lenga and Professor Stuart Foster)

Part 4: Thanks and Concluding Remarks (Professor Stuart Foster and Vanessa Ogden)

Read Professor Yehuda Bauer’s keynote address

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