Nazi concentration camps

Welcome to this series of six short, 30 minute lessons, that focus on what Nazi concentration camps were like. Our recent research shows that many secondary school teachers in the current COVID-19 pandemic want authoritative, safe and reliable self-study lessons that are accessible for students of a range of abilities engaging in learning about the Holocaust. At a time when teaching about the Holocaust online may understandably provoke some anxiety amongst teachers, we have worked really carefully to engage students meaningfully in this period of history, while being mindful of student wellbeing by, for instance, not exposing students to atrocity images.

These lessons are designed for self-study at home, and make use the Professor Nikolas Wachsmann’s ground-breaking research into the Holocaust, using the website he has designed for secondary school students about the Nazi concentration camps.

The lessons consist of an Introductory Powerpoint for students, followed by six Powerpoints  – one for each of the lessons. There is also a brief Teacher Overview that explains in a nutshell for you how the lessons ‘work’ together, providing students both at Year 9 and GCSE with a deeper knowledge and understanding about the Nazi concentration camp system. All lessons are clearly laid out; make use of historical sources on the website; are enquiry-led; have supporting explanations of key words; have clear icons showing students what they need to do, and include a self-assessment quiz at the end of each one.

We’re really excited about developing resources like these for you in the current crisis, and hope you’ll find them useful. All you have to do now is forward the resources to your students!


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The Nazi Concentration Camps