The experienced classroom teacher, middle leader, HOD/HOF

How can an experienced classroom practitioner make the most of Appraisal conversations? How can the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education support Heads of Department or Heads of Faculty and their teams?

If you teach about the Holocaust and are a middle leader, then our CPD will benefit you and could be identified during the appraisal conversation or linked as an action point toward a target – or might we rethink those and instead frame the discussion as working towards a goal? Within either a target or goal focused agenda, our twilight options would be useful to consider, especially if there is something you would like to attend to ‘top up’ or enhance, that could be knowledge, understanding or skills. For example, you may like to partner with us to host such a twilight for you and your staff or colleagues in your network. Details of our twilights can be found here:   If you would like to partner with the Centre to host a twilight in your area then contact the Centre’s Tom Haward.

However, if your school, or department are committed to developing their practice, teaching and learning about the Holocaust, then you might like to consider applying for our prestigious Beacon School programme. A desire to apply, requires SLT support, so discussion at appraisal would be invaluable to pave the way for a successful application. Details of the programme and the application process can be found here.

Applications for the 2019/20 Beacon School programme have now closed. Applications will open again spring 2020. But, if your school is interested in applying next year, start your preparation by attending one of our Full day CPD courses and think about what evidence or foci you might draw upon for a successful application.

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