The Beacon School alumni Lead Teacher (2012-20)

How can a Beacon School alumni Lead Teacher (2012-20) make the most of Appraisal conversations? How can the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education continue to support you, your colleagues and networks?

Given your existing expertise, we would hope your achievements to date in terms of Holocaust education, would be acknowledged and recognised within the review aspect of your appraisal conversation. But how else could your experience be developed, enhanced or shared? We recommend you perhaps look to link one of your appraisal targets to working towards and achieving UCL Beacon School Quality Mark status. This process seeks to celebrate best practice and support ongoing whole school improvement. This process requires SLT support, so identifying this opportunity with appraisal can be a powerful way to secure that and begin the process. Alumni Lead Teachers or the school Beacon School SLT link should contact the Centre’s Nicola Wetherall, to discuss and trigger the application.

Related to that Quality Mark goal, alumni lead teachers might like to consider enhancing their previous Beacon School work, the scheme of work, by focusing on a specific group in terms of impact, or indeed considering how that scheme contributes to a whole school priority over the coming year. For example, a focus on PP or SEND students accessing and progressing throughout the scheme, or a focus on literacy across the scheme and so on.

Aside the Quality Mark route, an alumni lead teacher may like to consider the Centres FREE online MA module: ‘The Holocaust in the Curriculum’. This exciting course is the only one of its kind in the UK – a fully online Masters-level module designed for teachers who aspire to lead the way in teaching this complex and disturbing history. Discussing this academic opportunity as an area for ongoing professional development at appraisal could afford you important support and recognition.

In order to build a community of practice within your school, your Trust or local network, you could consider capitalising upon your Beacon School status and sharing best practice across your school by hosting a full day or twilight CPD in conjunction with the Centre.

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