We have produced a glossary for students to use alongside these materials. It is intended that this will help students to access new or specialist vocabulary. The glossary words appear in bold throughout the lesson materials.

You can download a PDF of the glossary here.

Countries which formally cooperate with each other for a military or other purpose. Here the Allies refer to Britain, America and the Soviet Union.

A complex of camps set up by the Nazis. Auschwitz was both a concentration camp and a collection of slave labour camps. From spring 1942 to January 1945, Auschwitz – Birkenau operated as a death camp.

People, organisations and governments that helped the Nazis persecute and/or murder Jews.

A person who supports and believes in the principles of communism. Communism is a political ideology about how societies and economies should be organised. It argues, for instance, that resources and industries be collectively owned for the benefit of everyone.

Concentration camps:
Places where large numbers of people were kept as prisoners under armed guard.

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