Additional resources for teachers

Additional resources for teachers

‘45 Aid Society

The ’45 Aid Society was set up by ‘The Boys’ in 1963 to raise money for charitable causes, to give back to society and to look after other Holocaust survivors. Charity continues to play an important part in the work of the Society, which is now run by the 2nd and 3rd generation – the children and grandchildren of ‘The Boys’. The ’45 Aid Society raises funds to support Holocaust education, with an education programme involving the 2nd and 3rd generation giving talks telling their parents’ and grandparents’ stories in schools across the UK, to ensure that it never happens again. Find out more about the society and access useful resources here:


Martin Gilbert

The important work of Martin Gilbert was invaluable to the development and creation of these lesson materials.

Gilbert, M. (2017) The Boys: The Story of 732 Young Concentration Camp survivors. London: Orion Publishing Group.

For useful resources and articles visit Martin Gilbert’s website and these related pages:



The Lake District Holocaust Project

The Lake District Holocaust Project was established in 2013 after eight years of research, Holocaust education work and oral history interviews. They now have a permanent exhibition space in Windermere. Find out more about ldhp and access useful resources here:


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