A Post-It note from the Programme Director: 17 May

Hi there,

Mental Health Awareness Week
For many of you, this term is one of the most stressful since the start of the pandemic especially those involved in alternative assessments and grading for GCSE and A level. In addition, new variants of the virus prevalent in certain regions of the country have heightened concerns despite the lifting of restrictions next week.

Mental Health Awareness week has highlighted the need for us all to invest in our own mental wellbeing as well as that of our students’.  Its critical to recharge batteries and feel comfortable about sharing anxieties if we have them with trusted friends and colleagues. Most of us have struggled at some point, especially during this pandemic and it really helps to chat things through as well as being ready to reach out to others. In any case, I hope you were able to catch some rest at the weekend. You may like to take a look at  this site  as it can provide useful support.

Apply to become a UCL Beacon School in Holocaust Education
We are looking for outstanding teachers to put their school forward to become a UCL Beacon School in Holocaust Education. This is a highly prestigious programme whereby every year, the Centre recruits up to 20 secondary schools in England, committed to enhancing teaching and learning about the Holocaust. The school partners with the Centre to improve teaching standards, raise pupil achievement, strengthen SMSC provision, enhance safeguarding and support whole school improvement.

A successful Beacon School application enables a named Lead Teacher to deepen their subject and content knowledge about the Holocaust, by access to a range of online taught modules and opportunities. They will have access to excellent classroom resources, get recommendations for teaching and learning about the Holocaust, guidance on devising quality SoL, lesson plans and material that build progression – both for improved student outcomes, academic and holistic – and by way of professional development. Lead Teachers may apply from History, RE, English, the arts, social science, MFL or other contexts in which Holocaust teaching and learning takes place.

We have listened to former and prospective Lead teachers and, as a result, have built a new flexible programme throughout so that it is not overly onerous at this Covid-19 period with all core engagement being online.

If you feel your school would like to be put forward for this, UCL’s flagship programme please apply now as closing date is fast approaching.

Wishing you well.

Ruth-Anne Lenga Associate Professor (Teaching) and Programme Director

Member of the UK delegation to the IHRA

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