A Post-It note from the Programme Director: 23 October

Post it from Centre’s Programme Director:

A textbook like no other!

Understanding the Holocaust: How and why did it happen?Today UCL’s new, research-informed textbook is arriving in schools hot off the press from Hodder publishers. We are delighted with this world class textbook and the response it is already receiving from the teacher fraternity. The front cover depicts a photograph of Jewish children and their Hungarian friends happily playing before the terrible event unfolded– a very different cover image from those you often see on textbooks about the Holocaust. This powerfully points to the importance UCL places on the need to understand the Holocaust from the perspective of those men, women and children most affected by it so that the impact of who and what was lost is fully recognised.

If you haven’t already done so why not grab a coffee and do our short online CPD: Understanding the Holocaust at Key Stage 3: Using a research informed Textbook. You can also take a brief look at the textbook via this inspection e-copy.

You will notice that it is a course ‘with benefits’ – a rare perk. You will get the opportunity to sign up for a FREE classroom set of the new textbook. Now where else have you ever had an offer like that!

Global Excitement for UCL & Yad Vashem’s new MOOC – come register for this brand new MOOC – starts on Monday!

Another fantastic UCL teacher opportunity is launching next week. On Monday 26th October our MOOC ‘Teaching the Holocaust: Innovative approaches to the challenges we face’ opens. It is free and a manageable 3-week course, 3 hours per week. You can go at your own pace as we explore the history, delve into pedagogical challenges revealed by research, and find practical solutions for teaching. Along the way, you will acquire the knowledge and tools to effectively teach about the Holocaust. So far, over 1000 educators have enrolled from 75 countries and we are really looking forward to working with teachers around the world. Join us for this unique opportunity on 26th October.

Twilight course coming soon:

Don’t miss this :

25 November 2020  – ‘You need to understand where this is happening’: Approaching Treblinka in 1942

16:15–17:15 with Dr Andy Pearce, via Zoom.

Booking link with related blurb below.

It has been, once again, a really challenging term for teachers and we know you are shattered. The staff here at the Centre hope that you can take a break next week or sometime soon. It’s important to relax and look after yourself. Your work and considerable commitment to education is recognised by us and we thank you for it.

Have a good weekend


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