A Post-It note from the Programme Director: 18 September

Congratulations to our friends at Core Academy Trust for winning the Pearson’s Silver Teaching Award for Impact through Partnership. It is testament to the Trust’s outstanding commitment to changing the lives of young people through its work. UCL works closely with The Trust on Echo Eternal  – one of the most creative commemorative engagement projects in the country. It is delivered in schools for all ages inspired by the testimonies of British Holocaust survivors of the Holocaust filmed by the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation – UKHMF.

This week UCL has seen the start of its brand new innovation – a fully online UCL Beacon School Programme in Holocaust Education. Twenty-two outstanding schools have joined us from some of the most socially challenging areas in the country.  This new online route includes a further dimension that focuses on supporting school leaders to address whole school community issues.

We are also delighted that our MOOC Teaching the Holocaust: Innovative approaches to the challenges we face was launched this week. UCL Centre for Holocaust Education and Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre have come together to create a unique MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that offers educators innovative approaches to the challenges presented when teaching about the Holocaust. I really encourage you to take part and become some of the first teachers in the UK and internationally to undertake this online course! What’s more, it is absolutely free!

Starting on 26th October, and over three weeks participants will explore the history, delve into pedagogical challenges revealed by research, and find practical solutions for teaching about the Holocaust. You can take it at your own pace over those three weeks so it can fit in with your busy lives.

For further information or to watch this short promo film outlining our course click here.

We hope to see you sign up to the course.

Have a great weekend

Ruth-Anne Lenga
Programme Director

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