National Poetry Day

World Poetry Day was declared by UNESCO – every 21 March – in 1999. It is a day to encourage people to read, write, teach, and publish poetry and to recognise the great cultural contribution poetry makes to human society. As the artform’s most visible moment, it showcases the ways in which poetry adds value to society – and can be used an opportunity to consider poetry’s role in people lives during difficult times, including during the Holocaust.

While World Poetry Day is on 21 March, some countries – including the UK still observe and celebrate it as ‘National Poetry Day’, this year on 1 October, with its theme ‘Vision’. So, taking this theme, we will mark both World and National Poetry Days encouraging you to enjoy, discover and share poetry, and to ‘See It Like a Poet’. To that end we are delighted to share this guest feature blog: Reflections on ‘The Missing’ and seeing it like a poet this World Poetry Day by former Children’s Laureate, acclaimed poet and author, Michael Rosen. His most recent book, ‘The Missing’, including poetry, offers a personal, powerful and resonant account of the Holocaust for young readers.

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