Teachers – we need your help!

Help shape Holocaust education.

In a few weeks we will be closing the Centre’s latest national survey to explore Holocaust education in English secondary schools. Our 2009 national research was ground breaking for developing the field of Holocaust education and informing our CPD courses. However, that research is now a decade old and we know things have changed – both in Holocaust education, and in schools more broadly.

This survey is critical for determining what has been done to develop Holocaust education over the last 10 years, but also what is yet to be achieved. We strongly encourage teachers from all disciplines who cover some aspect of the Holocaust in their teaching to share their opinions in this survey.

  • We know teachers have worked hard to address the issues identified in the 2009 research.
  • We know there is some really excellent work being done by schools across the country.
  • We know teachers work tirelessly, in the face of many challenges, to improve Holocaust education in their school…

… However, we can only describe in the 2019/20 research report, the practice and experiences we’re told about in the current survey.

So please help us to ensure the findings we report are a true reflection of what is happening in 2019, by completing our survey:


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