Are you Ofsted ready?

Ofsted inspectors to look for education about the Holocaust as evidence of schools providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

Ofsted inspectors have been asked to look for examples of UCL Centre for Holocaust Education teaching approaches and educational resources in schools, noting its potential relevance ‘to the content of the curriculum across different subject areas, as well as… evidence of how the school is contributing to pupils’ learning, including their personal development.’

Responding to the recent Education Select Committee report which found that ‘too few teachers, particularly history teachers, are being trained to teach the Holocaust’, Ofsted have recognised the need for all schools to include education about the Holocaust ‘as part of a broad and balanced curriculum’.

In the latest Ofsted Schools Inspection Update (March 2016) inspectors are also told to ‘be aware that schools may refer to [UCL training and resources] as evidence during inspections’.

Head teachers are encouraged to cite their staff’s attendance on UCL’s CPD programmes as evidence of their school’s commitment to outstanding Holocaust education, and to highlight how UCL’s pedagogical approaches and educational materials contribute to their students’ learning, potentially across a range of subject areas.

Call to action: Ensure your school is Ofsted ready and that your students are engaged in outstanding education about the Holocaust. Book free one-day or twilight CPD near you or contact us at to arrange your own school Inset on a date of your choosing.

To read the full report, click here.

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