Anti-Fascism: Changing Meanings and Perspectives – Workshop

Speakers: Dr Kasper Braskén (Åbo Akademi University, Finland), Joe Mulhall (PhD candidate, Royal Holloway), Dr Andrea Mammone (Royal Holloway)

Royal Holloway is hosting a special workshop from 3 – 5pm on Tuesday 23 February at Senate House. The study of anti-fascism is remarkably under-developed. Yet what anti-fascism means has changed considerably over time, from being a rallying cry in the interwar period to Communist instrumentalisation after World War II.

The intellectual currents that fed and sustained anti-fascism and the political groups and movements which advocated it have been by no means uniform. Accordingly, this workshop will look at anti-fascism from its origins in the interwar period through to its role and meaning in contemporary Europe.

Admission free but pre-booking is essential. Register at



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