Portraying Perpetrators event

Now that we are part of University College London we will be able to strengthen our commitment to linking schools with new research and insights coming out of academia. We hope to see you at UCL this evening, for what promises to be a fascinating event:

Portraying Perpetrators

10th December 2014, 7pm at UCL – Garwood Lecture Theatre

Aftermath (2012)

Introduced by Julian Petley (Brunel)

This contemporary drama was inspired by the 1941 progrom in the Jewish community of Jedwabne and the book “Neighbors” by Jan T. Gross. It tells the story of two brothers intent on finding out what happened in their village during the war and how their own family became entangled in the murder of their Jewish neighbours. In Poland, the film was very controversial and reignited the controversy about the role Poles played in the Holocaust. Film Series Portraying Perpetrators: In this film and discussion series we consider the representation of perpetrators in documentary and feature films. Key questions that we will explore include: what is meant by the term ‘perpetrator’; the legacy of perpetrators over the generations; how perpetrators narrate their own actions; the place of individual agency and social mobilisation in defining a perpetrator; and, crucially, the implications of our interest in and fascination with perpetrators.

For further information see www.reverberations-of-war.net. Contact: J.Wagner@ucl.ac.uk

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