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Legacy of the Holocaust

The void

As a genocide which spanned an entire continent, it follows that the Holocaust would leave a deep imprint on post-war Europe. Since 1945 the scars of the Holocaust have manifested themselves on the physical, political and cultural landscape in various forms.

One of the most potent has been the presence of an absence – the existence of voids unintentionally created by mass murder. The ways in which these have found expression is the focus of this lesson. Here, students engage with challenging ideas around what it means to come ‘after’ the Holocaust, and reflect on how its legacies very much remain with us today.

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About this resource

  • Considers the impact of the Holocaust on the physical and political landscape of Europe
  • Reflects on specific places where there were once Jewish communities and explores the effects of this loss
  • Recognises renewed interest in former Jewish communities and explores the changes this has brought since the end of the Second World War



Key questions

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