Pursuit of justice: the trial of John Demjanjuk

What is justice?

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Pursuit of Justice: the trial of John Demjanjuk comprises four one hour lessons. The primary aim of the suite of lessons is to learn about the family of Helene Seligmann (later Neuhaus) and to explore the concept of justice in order to understand the trial of John Demjanjuk. The four lessons chart the lives and fate of Helene and her family during the Holocaust and the subsequent trial of John Demjanjuk over 65 years later.

The aim of this second lesson is to enable students to explore their own conceptualisations of justice.


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About this resource

  • To develop students' conceptual understanding of the nature of justice
  • To enable students to conceptually comprehend the search for justice rather than revenge
  • To support students' visual literacy, using symbolism associated with images of justice


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What is justice, lesson plan

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