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  • Main image: Olivia Hemingway

Why Holocaust Education

  • Main image: Emile Holba
  • An educational imperative: Olivia Hemingway
  • Independent thinking: Olivia Hemingway
  • Impact in the classroom: Emile Holba

Courses and Events

  • How to apply: Olivia Hemingway
  • Continuing Professional Development: Olivia Hemingway
  • Initial Teacher Education: IOE media library
  • Become an IOE Beacon School: Olivia Hemingway


  • Main image: Olivia Hemingway
  • Research updates: Olivia Hemingway


  • Main image: IOE media library
  • Team images: Kit Logan

Teacher Resources

  • Main image: Olivia Hemingway
  • Classroom materials main image: Emile Holba
  • Subject knowledge main image: IOE media library
  • Pedagogical guidance main image: IOE media library
  • Ordinary things?: Olivia Hemingway
  • Jewish life in Europe: Olivia Hemingway
  • Authentic encounters: Olivia Hemingway (main image), Jewish Museum London (small image)
  • What was the Holocaust?: Olivia Hemingway
  • “Why didn’t the Jews fight back?”: Jacques Lahitte
  • Telling the story of ‘resistance’: Auschwitz State Museum 
  • Being human?: United States Holocaust Museum, courtesy of Richard Freimark William O. McWorkman
  • ‘Liberation’ and ‘Home’: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Stuart McKeever
  • The first year: Olivia Hemingway (main image), The Evening Standard (small image)
  • Surviving survival: TBC
  • The void: Manon Wilbrink
  • German Jews and the Holocaust: (main image)

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