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Understanding Antisemitism

  • Additional CPD workshop

Wednesday 5 May 2021


Our research shows that young people are often mystified by the targeting of Jews for mass murder.

Understanding Antisemitism, a free evening workshop, will explore how teachers can work with the IWM film Roots of Antisemitism to uncover the origins of this ‘longest hatred’, and to explore continuity and change from medieval anti-Judaism to modern antisemitism.


effective classroom approaches
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This practical workshop, part of our additional CPD programme, models powerful teaching resources that:

Explore change and continuity in the development of anti-Jewish prejudice
Helps students to critically examine the underlying causes of this anti-Jewish prejudice
Provides essential knowledge and understanding to counter common myths and stereotypes of the Jewish people.
Encourages students to analyse and synthesise a range of information to advance understanding of prejudice in general and antisemitism in particular

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