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‘You need to understand where this is happening’: Approaching Treblinka in 1942

  • Additional CPD workshop

Wednesday 25 November 2020


In the summer of 1942, a new camp was opened in German-occupied Poland. Located in a forest, north of the city of Warsaw, ‘Treblinka’ became – for a time – the deadliest place on earth, with around 900,000 people killed there. Despite this notoriety, Treblinka is unlikely to be the first camp which would come to mind for most people whilst our research shows it is beyond the consciousness of most young people. In this session, we will explore a moment in time in the history of the camp and ways in which the story of Treblinka can be explored with students.
Join Dr Andy Pearce for an hour of practical and thought-provoking CPD via Zoom. Password/login details for the session will be distributed to participants 24 hours before the session.

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