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British responses to the Holocaust, Bletchley Park

  • Additional CPD workshop

Monday 24 February 2020

Bletchley Park

A jointly hosted, free CPD event for secondary school teachers, delivered by Bletchley Park and UCL Centre for Holocaust Education. For an optional guided tour of the site, please arrive no later than 4pm. The main session will run from 5–6.30pm.

How much did the British government and the British public know about the Holocaust as it unfolded? What role did intelligence from Bletchley Park play in contributing to this knowledge?

Research undertaken by UCL Centre for Holocaust Education (2016) suggests that students of all ages had a limited understanding of Britain’s response to the Holocaust. Your attendance at this free CPD event will enable you to facilitate students’ detailed enquiry into what was known, by whom, when and what actions were taken based upon options available at the time.

This jointly hosted event will include a guided tour of Bletchley Park, exploring the invaluable role played by intelligence in Britain’s war effort. This will be followed by an introductory talk by Catherine Holden, Learning Manager, about the role that Bletchley Park played in contributing to Britain’s knowledge of the Holocaust. The UCL-led workshop will focus upon how much was known about the Holocaust in Britain as it unfolded. You will be able to download all of the workshop resources for use in the classroom.

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