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I wonder where I will be tomorrow

  • Special event

Wednesday 27 November 2019

IOE, London

Refugees on the eve of the Holocaust

I wonder where I will be tomorrow (IWWIWBT) has at its core the principle that ALL learners are entitled to quality Holocaust education. The resource is intended for lower attaining learners in Key Stage 3 and those cohorts described as ‘hard to reach’.

The pedagogy of IWWIWBT is about reaching out and providing access to the curriculum by challenging and engaging all learners in open-ended ways. Accordingly, IWWIWBT aims to give learners choice over their approaches to learning, to be responsive to them and create space for curiosity and exploration and, thus, to help create a positive feedback loop between learner motivation and learner attainment.

These learning activities are based on the early years of Meerela Erlichman who as a young child arrived in Britain as a refugee from Belgium. It uses a range of personal sources to help learners to construct an understanding of her early life and the issues faced by refugees on the eve of the Holocaust.

This event will take place at the IOE (20 Bedford Way) from 17.30. Drinks and nibbles provided.

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