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A space called Treblinka, Birmingham

  • Additional CPD workshop

Friday 15 March 2019


This CPD responds to our latest research into student knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust, by modelling activities which explore the history of the death camp at Treblinka.

Our recently published student research reveals that few students have heard of Treblinka or associate it with the Holocaust. Coupled with other findings which exposed a fixation with Auschwitz together with key gaps in students’ chronological frameworks and spatial understandings, these findings are especially troubling given what happened at Treblinka and the light that camp’s history sheds on the nature of the Holocaust. In this workshop, participants will work with classroom materials that offer a way in to teaching about Treblinka with students. In so doing, they will extend their own knowledge and understanding, and acquire new insights into the human reality of genocide.

More details about this session can be found here.

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